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Musical Audition Guidelines & Pointers for Auditions: 

Students auditioning for the spring musical should take the following guidelines very seriously:


Before you come: 

1.  Be well rehearsed as there is NO READING allowed!

2. You must memorize and know your song from the audition book. 

3. Be well rehearsed as there is NO READING allowed with book in hand.

4. You must be prepared to dance; wear clothes and shoes which allow you to move. You will be taught a combination with a group, so even if you do not consider yourself a dancer, know that you will be dancing, so GO FOR IT!!


When you enter auditions

1.First, return any materils that the musical has given to you to prepare for the audition. Then, tell us what song you have selected, and begin the song.

 There will be no time for rehearsal with the accompanist

2. Second, announce your monologue title, its origin, and the character you will portray.

 Begin immediately. 

 3. You have about 2½ minutes to showcase your talent. 


4.  Chances are, we don’t know you too well, and we want to see your talents in the very best light. Do yourself a favor, and do your homework before you come. We want to love what we see and hear, so give us your best. 

5.  Relax your nerves!  We love kids, we love teaching, and we want you to succeed!


Important to Know:

 By joining this endeavor, you commit wholeheartedly to these dates--missing will not be tolerated.

1.      Typical days and times


  • for high school rehearsals:  Tuesdays, 4-7; Fridays 4-7; and Sundays, 1-6
  • for middle school rehearsals: (T.B.A.)


2.      Tech Week dates: Dates will be posted on the site

3.      Show dates: Dates will be posted on the site


Songs will be chosen from the Audition Vocal Book.



Call Back Auditions: Time/Date TBA

1.If you are called back, be prepared to sing and do a cold reading from the selected show. You may also be asked to dance again as well, so dress appropriately. 


2.We will be utilizing type & match casting, determining your range, and your ability to take direction. 


3. If selected, be prepared for this to be a longer audition as you may be asked to read/sing/ be paired up with others for more than one character. 


Please know as we cast the show, we take our jobs as directors very seriously. 

We want the best show and the most splendid learning environment and experience possible.

We also want to have a lot of fun. So, get to your preparation, and we’ll see you at the auditions!!




The audition process begins in September (high school) / June (middle school) and the initial auditions are judged by the musical staff.  The students are evaluated in three areas:  acting, voice, and dancing.  Students can earn a maximum total of 20 points, which is 5 points total from each judge.  To clarify, the vocal score is worth 50% of their total score.  Acting is 25% and dancing is the other 25%.

After the initial audition results, the top performers are selected and are “called back” for a second audition.  During the second audition, the performers are evaluated a second time with additional materials from the chosen script and score.  The original dance audition, as well as, the entire “call back” audition are videotaped for further review.  Once the “call backs” are completed, the team evaluates the original scores, the “call back” notes, and the videotapes.  For the high school musical, the cast is then chosen and posted outside the NAI and NASH Choral rooms. Families will be notified through email about the middle school cast.

Please note that because musicals differ greatly from each other (style, genre, dance/vocal/acting demands) cast size will vary from year to year.  The directing team places the utmost importance on objective evaluation. As a consequence, there is no preference given to any grade level, group, previous involvement in past shows or previous parent involvement. 

For high school musicals:

High school musical vocal rehearsals and dancing practices will start in the Winter

Please keep in mind that high school tech weeks will be the last two weeks of February (everyday after school and Saturday / Sunday morning and afternoon). 

The show will open in early March.


For middle school musicals:

Middle school musical vocal rehearsals and dancing practices will start in September. 

Please keep in mind that middle school tech weeks will begin around Thanksgiving.  Times and dates will be fit into a very full NASH auditorium schedule and may fluctuate. 

The show will open in early December.





You are required to be present at all practices and performances.

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Tozier.



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