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Dear Parents and Cast Members, 

Our musical will be a professional educational experience for students and parents alike. Not only do we encourage parents to actively participate, it is a necessary part of the production. Because we are almost entirely self-funded, we hope that you will do your best to help us by selling ads for the program (high school musical), encouraging friends and family to purchase tickets for the shows, and consider participating in our fundraising activities by purchasing flowers or balloons for your student, or placing a supportive message in the program. We appreciate whatever you do from making monetary donations to volunteering your time. Thank you in advance for helping make this a wonderful experience. 

There is a large packet of information about the musical that will be distributed during the parent meeting. Please take the time to read through this entire package as soon as possible. There is a lot of information to review and understand, and many forms that need to be completed and returned. We thank you all in advance for making every attempt to return the required information/payments to us quickly.


Here is some general information about both musicals (high school and middle school):


Schedules – Rehearsal and performance schedules. Mark performance and rehearsal days on your calendars 

Cast Listing – Informational. Principals have been cast. Minor parts will be cast as rehearsals proceed. 

Photographs – Headshot and Group photographs of the cast will be taken on (date will be given on the website). Every cast member is required to attend this photo shoot. If you cannot be present, arrangements will be made for a headshot if necessary, but you will miss being included in the group photos. We will also take candid shots during rehearsals and a large group shot of all the cast, crew, directors and orchestra. 

Headshot photographs of senior Orchestra members will be taken on another date. We will alert you as soon as that is scheduled. 

Photo Release Form – Due by (date will be given on the website)

Participant Form - Due by (date will be given on the website). Students are required to wear their Tee Shirts (once received) to school on Fridays to help advertise the show. Feel free to order as many additional Tee Shirts and/or DVDs as you would like. 

Parent Volunteer Form – The parent meeting is scheduled for (date will be given on the website) in the NASH auditorium. ALL PARENTS AND STUDENTS IN BOTH THE CAST AND ORCHESTRA SHOULD ATTEND THIS MEETING. We will discuss the student rules, as well as the volunteer tasks available. Please read through the information provided to determine which task(s) would most interest you. This form is due (date will be given on the website). Please give us any contact information you would like, but bear in mind that contact will most likely be made by email.

Performance Night Tasks – may require a little set up time in addition 

Balloon Sales – Blow up and sell balloons before performance and during intermission. Deliver balloons to student lockers. Help to set up balloon selling tables and clear up afterwards. 

Candy Sales – Price and sell candy, snacks, and water before performance and during intermission. Deliver candy backstage. Help set up candy selling tables and clear up afterwards. 

Flower Sales – Pricing and selling flowers before performance and during intermission. Delivering flowers backstage. Helping to set up flower selling tables, and clearing up afterwards. 

Make Up – Order supplies. Apply make-up and color hair as required prior to each performance, and dress rehearsal. Touch up make up during intermission, clean up and replenish supplies. 

Ushers – Hand out programs, show patrons to seats, monitor during performance, and direct to bathrooms before public performances and during intermissions. Collect programs at the end of each performance and recycle them. 

Single Event Tasks – may require a couple of days of work 

Cast, Crew and Orchestra Rehearsal Dinners – Plan and coordinate dinners for last two/three Sunday rehearsals before performances. Reserve cafeteria, obtain helpers, food, and drinks. Set up cafeteria and clean up afterwards. 

Chinese Raffle – Secure donations to offer in a Chinese raffle. Put together raffle baskets, and arrange volunteers for show week raffle sales. Contact winners after last performance and arrange for basket pickups. 

Senior Citizens Performance – Obtain cookies and punch, set up, serve, clean up. Direct patrons to bathrooms and man exits during show, intermission and immediately after show. 

Continuous Tasks – some work from now until after performances 

Costumes – Measure each student. Check for accuracy and fit of rented costumes. Alter and manufacture new costumes. Order or manufacture accessories as required. Collect, clean, and package costumes for return. Maintain costume racks and costume storage areas. 

Multi-Task Committee – Join this committee if you don’t know what to volunteer for. There are many tasks that take only a couple of hours each. This committee chair will contact you and sign you up for the sort of job you’d like. This would include pick-up, labeling and distribution of Tee Shirts, decorating the lobby, distributing posters, helping with rehearsal dinners etc. 

Orchestra Liaison – Attend some orchestra rehearsals distribute handouts and collect returns. Maintain accurate orchestra listing. Run orchestra phone chain if rehearsals are cancelled. 

Props – Make a list of required stage props. Borrow, manufacture, or acquire props. Set up prop tables on each side of stage. Maintain and restock props as necessary. Collect, and return. It is helpful to be available at the same time as rehearsals in order to complete these jobs effectively. 

Set Construction – Help build sets/large props, set painting, assist crew with load in, and strike.

Ticket Purchasing Information – All tickets will be sold through

Personal Donation Request due (date will be given on the website) - To help meet the cost of set, costumes, royalties, script rentals, and orchestra scores, and more, we ask for your financial support. We would be honored to include your name in our program, and hope that you will consider attending a performance. Be sure that you send your donation by the due date to be included in the program.

Well Wishes Page due (date will be given on the website) - Our Well Wishes Page is a loving tradition and an important part of our program. For a small fee your personalized note of admiration and encouragement will be printed in our program.

During the public performances, flowers, balloons and candy may be purchased and sent backstage to members of the cast, orchestra, crew and directors. Notelets will be provided upon which you can write a personal note to accompany your purchase. All these purchases are part of our fundraising and we encourage you to participate. You may also order bouquets of flowers or balloons in advance, and write your notes now, if you wish:

  • Floral Bouquets due (date will be given on the website). Flowers will be sold outside the auditorium on performance days, but there will be a limited supply.
  • Balloon Bouquets due (date will be given on the website). Balloons will be sold outside the auditorium on performance days, but we prefer bouquets to be ordered in advance.

Student Directors this year will be announced near the beginning of the rehearsals. Among their other duties they will also carry with them, to all rehearsals, additional copies of these forms. Feel free to photocopy any of the forms if you need more than one, or send an email request and we’ll attach one to an email for you.

All Checks should be made payable to NASH Spring Musical.

We will be sending informative emails to all participating students with updated rehearsal schedules, instructions for forms, reminders of due dates, and any changes anticipated including rehearsal cancellations, should this be necessary. If you would like to be added to this email listing so that you are kept up to date with the latest information, please sign up using the system on our site.

Ahlam Weidman, Parent Coordinator Cell: 412-445-2355 Email: Please be sure to add this email address as “safe” email addresses on your computer.

Missing Rehearsals 

If you wish to request permission to miss a rehearsal you must email Mr. Tozier well in advance. Please include your name and reason for absence. Be aware that there are very few reasons that will be deemed acceptable. All missed rehearsals must be agreed on in advance, and ONLY Mr. Tozier can excuse you. If you have a conflict with a show date, you will be dismissed from the cast immediately. This rule is for all cast members, tech members and orchestra members. Mr. Tozier’s email address is 


If you get sick at the last minute please notify Mrs. Weidman (412-445-2355), and also send Mr. Tozier an email. If you have a fever or vomiting, please stay home. If you are just a little sick, but with no fever or vomiting, you must attend rehearsal. We are happy to seat you apart from the rehearsing students for the whole of rehearsal, and you do not need to sing or dance, but you must be there to pay attention to what is being done. 

Bad Weather 

This year our rehearsal schedule is extremely short and so it is very likely that snow day rehearsals may be amended or rearranged to different days and times. Even if the school district calls a snow day, you must not assume that rehearsals at the end of the day (when the weather may have cleared up), will be cancelled too. We want you to be safe, but we also need to rehearse. So you must pay close attention to your email to check on information sent out. For this reason parents may wish to have their email address added to our list so that they will receive the same emails as their students. To arrange this just send an email to Mrs. Weidman indicating that you wish to be included in the email list.


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