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  • 2017 BatB
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  • 2018 Lion King Jr
  • 2019 Elf Jr.
  • 2021 HSM,jr

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    The 2020 Year will be a Musical Review!
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    September, 2020 - Families complete the waiver form and bring to the first rehearsal.
         The protocol pages may be found here.
         The district’s safety steps.
         The information letter may also be found here.
    September, 2020 - Rehearsals begin on Thursday, September 17


    Welcome middle school students and parents!  Details about how the Middle School Musical works may be found on our FAQs page.  

    The Middle School Musical is geared for students in grades 7 and 8.  Junior shows do not have an orchestra, but we try to incorporate 60~80 kids on oand off the stage.  Our past shows include:

    2021 High School Musical, Jr.

    2020 Middle School Musical Review

    2019 Elf, Jr.

    2018 Disney's The Lion King, Jr.

    2017 Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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